In 2010, with a group of nine players, the first Tri State Thunder team was organized. Today, Tri State Thunder offers teams, clinics, and leagues for over 250 kids each year.

We believe in teaching fundamentals first and training our players to be decision makers and leaders on and off the court. Our goal is to prepare all of our athletes for the next level of play. We don’t measure our success with wins, youth championships and trophy’s because that does not help our athletes play high school and college basketball. We measure our success with the development of our players love of the game, basketball IQ’s, and understanding of teamwork.

If you want your child to learn the game the right way, Tri State Thunder is the organization for you!


Steve Juricek is the founder and director of Tri State Thunder. He has been coaching players’ ages for 4-17 for 15 years. Steve has developed a team basketball curriculum that trains player’s instincts and reactions as they learn to play together, resulting in their ability to make the correct split-second decisions that are required to be successful on the court.

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